Since 2006 the motives for a project are:

  1. Provide context for an independent R&D effort dealing with the design of unifying geospatial Internet layer.
  2. Determine a novel form of structure for a computational geospatial model and use it as a basis for a new generic geospatial Internet layer.
  3. Use the geospatial Internet as a unified foundation for a reference between the abstract information space of the Internet and our physical reality.
  4. Allow for the exchange of computational content units, which are capable of encapsulating arbitrary geographic data, services or scientific models related to our environment.
  5. Employ strictly the main Internet design qualities of decentralized architecture and compact technical implementation in order to achieve unparalleled flexibility in accommodating new types of data models and services.
  6. Address problems with design and implementation of more specialized infrastructures required for geographic information, which currently rely on a direct implementation of a very heterogeneous set of specifications that are difficult to change when needed.