Checkout and build the GRIFIN source code

This describes how to obtain, compile, and test the source code for GRIFIN.

The procedure can be followed exactly “as is” without any programming skills. But the requirement is the use of basic UNIX style command line tools. On Windows one can try using Cygwin or MinGW System but beware of different separator character ‘;’ instead of ‘:’ for paths on Windows or other nuances that specific for working on Windows.

# Create a directory where the development files will be stored and change to it:

mkdir G; cd G

# Checkout the source code (do not hesitate to contact

svn co —username [youruname] svn://

# Unpack the downloaded libraries in the current working directory. For example using:


# Extract all classes from all JAR files to a single folder ‘libclasses’:

mkdir ./libclasses
find . -iname ‘*jar’ -exec unzip -o -d ./libclasses ‘{}’ \;

# Create a folder where compiled GRIFIN classes will be stored:

mkdir ./classes

# Build GRIFIN

javac -classpath ./libclasses -sourcepath ./Core -d ./classes `find ./Core -name ‘*.java’`

# Test launching the GRIFIN Initialization Peer

java -classpath ./classes g.peer.TestGNetConnPeer