Used development libraries


The development libraries necessary for GRIFIN are in

There are no other dependencies to build and use the GRIFIN framework.

Virtual Globe viewer

Used JAR dependencies for VirtualGlobe are available in They are organized separately for:
1. Virtual Globe various dependencies.
2. JOGL libraries, which originate from:
3. Aviatrix3d and libraries from:

The native libraries are necessary for running Virtual Globe components. NOT for compiling. The native libraries are necessary for the visualization (Open GL) subsystem. The native libraries for Windows, Linux and OS X are in

The JOGL native code ’ jogl-natives-[architecture] ’ originate from:

To run code using native libraries a JVM parameter to ‘java’ command

java -Djava.library.path=”/your/native/lib” YourMainClass

must point to the directory with your native libraries are stored. Compiling GRIFIN is described here.