Laser scanned (LIDAR) data as GMOs

Today I have made the first GMO definition making use of laser scanned data, which I downloaded from the Web. 
It was surprisingly simple - it took me half the time of making this video showing the result. There are five GMOs created using this representation that can be recognized visually by color: white = ground, purple = tree, cyan = light post, yellow = vegetation, blue = fence.

It is fairly trivial definition that does not provide any analytical functions, which is the main strength of the GMO concept. It is more than ready for adding something later. The scene counts almost four and half million points (4489087). The size of the GMO database is approximately 32MB (32190413).

The Virtual Globe component handled this scene without any noticeable slowdown in rendering performance. The point cloud objects are NOT georeferenced properly to its real location. That is also the reason for using the wireframe representation of the terrain with transparency so that it does not visually interfere.

Data source: