Presentation of the Geospatial Managed Object Technology

Bellow is a video of the presentation given at the closing seminar of InfraWorld R&D project in Sandvika, Norway. The video is almost 50 minutes long, hence follow this index for a fast access to distinct parts:

00m:00s Introduction

00m:25s Connecting models of the real world features
04m:58s Can unified geospatial solution be on a single Web page?
10m:13s Dealing with "how to build a geospatial infrastructure"

12m:23s Representation of Geographic Space

17m:00s Geospatial Managed Objects

23m:24s GRIFIN Implementation

28m:05s Examples: Creation of a simple GMO

33m:17s New GMO Definition and its Instance
34m:34s Visual GMO with texture and perspective
36m:24s Example of GMO model using Lidar data
37m:19s GMO-based app using GIS data and the Web

38m:53s Summary of GRIFIN properties

42m:45s Using GRIFIN Technology in applications

The seminar had five presentations and a demo. We had about 50 interested people from 32 institutions. The guys from Vianova AS also recorded the life demo session presented at the end of the seminar.