GRIFIN Shell Session

The purpose here is to start GRIFIN Shell (GShell) on your computer, and explain its basics.


GShell is a tool for creating, managing and viewing geospatial content on GRIFIN platform. All the features ranging from running a GMO server to accessing and handling the GMOs are available from a uniform environment. This follows the original vision of a collaborative space for geospatial models, and not just a one-way publishing medium for static, predefined, and hard-to-change types of geospatial information. GShell makes testing and developing on GRIFIN platform easier even for non-programers. GShell IS NOT the target application of the GRIFIN platform and the GMO concept - it is a mere utility tool. The main purpose of GRIFIN is sharing of geospatial models as GMOs, which are the content units from a larger geo-information space provided by GRIFIN for collaboration. Intension of GRIFIN is to make these GMOs accessible and usable in a variety of programs such as Virtual globes, GIS, CAD, Web Browsers, or new standalone applications.

Basic Usage

CONTROL + ENTER runs/evaluates the script if the script window has focus.
RIGHT-MOUSE-CLICK on the script and choosing "Run" is an alternative way to evaluate the script.
RIGHT-ARROW on the first line and only at its very end shows auto-completion options.