Position Monitoring with HTML5 and HTTP

A demo case regarding tracking of GPS devices. Shows how positions around the globe can be dynamically monitored through seamless communication via Web technologies. This demonstrates the possibility of GRIFIN technology for distributed monitoring and its complementarity to the ubiquitous HTTP technologies.

Notable Features:

Distributed Position Monitoring: A trivial model for monitoring positions of arbitrary number of named objects world wide. The monitor can be turned on/off with its own GUI. First the monitor must be turned ON. After that any reported position is monitored and depicted in the scene with a green stick. When a position is reported for a name that already exists in the monitor then the existing object is updated, otherwise a new object is created in the monitor and new green stick is displayed.

HTML5 User Interface: Should people report their position it is most likely going to happen using a mobile device on which deployment of native GUI is deliberately made much more constrained. HTML5 is the most available technology to deal with this fact. Despite using HTML5 hampers the technological compactness, elegance and robustness of the GRIFIN solution, it is perfectly possible to use web pages as the user interface technology for any GMO. To demonstrate this an HTTP5 input form was made for this example. When accessed from a smart-phone the form will be automatically filled up using the phone's positioning system. Then just submit the values and the monitoring GMO will receive and use them.

HTTP API: The HTML5 UI is based on an HTTP service associated with the monitoring GMO. The HTTP service can be used directly and manually through HTTP requests in the following form:
where the part "59.886395,10.518987,0,SandvikaTestSite" are comma separated variables defining:
* WGS84 latitude in decimal degrees,
* WGS84 longitude in decimal degrees,
* WGS84 ellipsoidal height in metres for the bottom of the stick, and
* the Name of the object.
Hence http://run.grifinor.net/upGPS/35.3618047,138.7282293,3687,Fuji reports position on top of Mount Fuji, of which you can make sure by yourself. Follow the link and then manually navigate to that location in Virtual Globe.


InfraWorld Demo InfraWorld Demo


The HTTP API can be also used for frequent updates resulting in animation. The monitoring has to be on. This next script then generates a sequence of updates that may simulate movement of a car.

The script can be re-run. Also, by clicking on on any stick the monitor shows object's name in the GUI.

NOTE: developed as part of InfraWorld Project